Laser Focused Mentoring & Coaching for
Agency Recruiters

For Agency Recruiters Who Want to Make an Impact and Stand Out

'Competing priorities are driving me crazy.' 'It's exhausting keeping up with business development and the delivery'. 'There is too much to do and not enough time.' 'I'm feeling stressed out, burnt out.' 'I'm getting over this!! I want to generate a higher income.' 'This is too much hard work.' 'I wish I had better quality clients.' 'I'm 'doing' a lot and not getting the results I should be.'

If you've ever thought or asked yourself any of the above,
then this could be perfect for you.


Stop feeling so stressed about what the day will bring and the 'busy' stuff that's distracting you

Put an end to worrying about if you are doing 'enough' of the right things

Stop working on unfillable roles with 'clients' who don't know what they want and don't want to use your expertise to work it out

Put a stop to thinking you need to take on jobs from 'clients' that spray them out to agencies to 'create competition'

Get rid of any apathy you might be starting to feel, definitely understandable but not helpful with everything that is going on


Start to love selling and increase your revenue and exceed your targets and increase your income

Using a robust framework that keeps you on track and focused on revenue generating actions

Getting even smarter about finding the right clients who value what you do, no more master / servant!

Having prospects engage with you so you get better jobs

Start developing a sustainable pipeline of high value, fillable roles

Start feeling excited about your day again and have the knowledge that someone 'has your back' with only your interests at heart?

Limited Offer. Challenging times call for doubling down and levelling up. This offer has been crafted to meet the needs of anyone feeling the pinch who want extra back up support to keep them on track, focused and accountable. Up to 10 places available now, then, we'll create a waitlist for the next offer.

How do we connect? We connect virtually F2F or via mobile, your choice, booked through a scheduler so you can choose when it suits you.

How much and how many sessions? First strategy session 40 minutes to get clear on how we'll work together. All the 20 minutes sessions you need for only $2300AUD for the 12 weeks! Easily recoverable investment even if you only the tiniest bit of faith in yourself at the minute. No catches! Support on tap unique for your circumstances.

Additional Support? 60-minute Onboarding strategy session, setting your clear objective so we can measure your success; 60-minute next steps/wrap up session and plus unlimited Voxer Support.

Who is this for? Recruiters who want to reignite their passion and motivation and get back on track to generating consistent revenue without the stress and exhaustion.

This is Not for: Recruiters who are looking for a magic bullet, they don't exist. It also isn't for people who like the more, fluffy approach, as we get straight into the business of getting you results from day one.

What's it all about? An affordable and accessible way of getting access to laser-focused support and actionable direction from a credible industry professional who has experience from all angles. Chose times that suit you as often as you want for 12 Weeks! Give yourself a boost and get your quarter humming and build from there! One placement and you'll have paid for the program 5 - 10 - 15 times over.

7 day money-back guarantee! It has to work for you to work for me as well. I'll be as committed as you are to get results. However, if you find the laser-focus approach doesn't work for you, you'll be refunded the full amount! The only agenda of this offer is that it works for you!

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